Nutritional Information of a Latte

How does a typical serving of latte contribute to your daily nutrition?

Well, a standard latte consists of one or two shots of espresso with steamed milk, making it a rich source of calcium and vitamin D, essential nutrients for healthy bones and teeth.

A 16-ounce serving contains around 150 calories, primarily from the milk.
Compared to other coffee drinks, lattes tend to be lower in caffeine due to the higher milk-to-espresso ratio.

The caffeine content is approximately 63mg per serving, which can vary depending on the beans used and their preparation.

Lattes can also be a source of protein, with about 9 grams per serving.

The sugar content, meanwhile, is naturally low unless sweeteners or flavourings are added.
So, a latte can be a healthy, invigorating choice if you're conscious about what goes into it!

Remember, choosing low-fat or non-dairy alternatives can alter these values, allowing for customization according to dietary needs.

Now that you know the nutritional ins and outs of a latte, feel more confident enjoying this popular beverage! Remember, moderation is key!